Do you have stamps or a collection that you would like to sell?

Come by our shop or contact us by e-mail or telephone. We will make you a non-binding offer.
As the value of a collection is often determined by older stamps, a few pictures of the older stamps are helpful to assess the potential in a first step.


Would you like to know the value of your collection?

As dealers, we are close to the market and know the price level from our daily work. As a rule, we can estimate the value of a collection relatively quickly. Smaller collections can be shown to us in our business premises or you can send us some pictures.

An exact appraisal requires a lot of time and effort. For larger estates or collections of high value, estimates are therefore made on a time and material basis. Depending on the size of the collection, we also make house calls.

As a rule, the following collections are considered to be of little value:

    Children’s collections
    Stamps from about 1940 onwards
    Swiss Post cancellations (e.g. envelopes with first day postmark)
    Newer stamps from all over the world, mixed together
    Motif collections

 However, valuable items may be hidden here as well, so a brief appraisal by the
of the expert never hurts.  


At the request of the customer, we are happy to provide expertises. My core area, however, is mainly Rayon’s and Strubel, for which an extensive exhibition collection serves as a basis for comparing all variations. In my opinion, one should limit oneself to a few test areas, but I am happy to test other areas on request.



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